News | October 21, 2020

CSV Hub partners with Kids Link Fiji – Save the Children

By James Spychal

Ni sa bula vinaka!

For the last few months the CSV Hub has been working tirelessly on creating something new: an exciting, global space to share, inform and find help—the Child & Youth Space. The Child & Youth Space is going to be a web-based platform that people of all ages, backgrounds and identities can utilise with simplicity, and relate to with honesty. And today, we want to share with you some of our more exciting developments.

At the CSV Hub we realised that a large part of the Child & Youth Space was being made for youth—but not by them. We were reminded that, to create genuinely helpful spaces for young people, creators must have consent and ideas (at the very least) from those young people. 

So, early this week we began collaborating with the inspiring minds of Kids Link Fiji (KLF) , a youth led initiative of Save the Children Fiji. Their energy and passion for child’s rights reverberated through our Zoom conversations and we all came out beaming, revived and excited to put KLFs new ideas to work, for the platform, for youth.

The Child & Youth Space now has a whole host of youth-specific ideas, artwork, content and energy that will shine through when the platform goes live. By working alongside, with the consent of, young people you are able to approach effective change.

We are excited to keep our conversations going with KLF; their ideas will help inform the ongoing development of the platform as well as ensure we broaden and continually recognise the need for informed relationships.

We can not thank KLF enough, their commentary, ideas and energy is constantly refreshing. They have allowed us to see the potential of the Child & Youth Space. 

Bula Vinaka!