What is child safe and responsible tourism and volunteering?

Tourism and Volunteering are leading global forces for positive change!

Child safe tourism – practices are those that ‘do no harm’ to children and young people and respect their rights.

  • Everyone wants to do the right thing for children, and there is a growing movement of tour operators that promote ethical, child safe and responsible tourism practices. This movement supports tourists who want to engage in positive activities and make a positive impact on the lives of communities and children.
  • Child safeguarding in tourism is about putting in place relevant and practical measures than ensure tour activities and practices keep children safe.

Responsible Volunteering – volunteering that does not harm the host community in any way and ideally improves the lives of the people in the host community alongside the personal development of the volunteer.

Responsible tourism – respects human dignity, equality and safety and everyone enjoys meeting and learning across different countries and cultures in a positive way.

Pacific Hub is a Local Platform Focused to;

  • Create awareness about best practise in responsible and child safe volunteering and tourism in Fiji and Vanuatu.
  • Network and collaborate with stakeholders in Fiji and Vanuatu and link into local expertise in responsible tourism, child safe volunteering and safeguarding of children.
  • Share knowledge, resources, tools, guidelines, events and upcoming news towards child safe tourism and volunteering in Fiji and Vanuatu.
  • Provide technical support to stakeholders to strengthen measures towards child safe tourism and volunteering including Child Safeguarding.